Garden Maintenance Melbourne.

Professional gardening services to maintain Melbourne’s landscapes.

Quality Gardening Services in Melbourne.

Your outdoor space deserves to look beautiful at all times. With Melbourne’s cold winters, surprisingly warm summers and all that comes in between, maintaining a garden is a commitment. However, not everybody has the time or ability to keep their garden blooming all year round.

Mars Landscapes delivers a quality garden maintenance service to help your landscapes stay healthy and fresh. Thanks to our extensive experience and garden knowledge, we know what it takes to keep your gardens in top condition.

Our Experienced Gardeners Can Maintain Your Property.

Our team offers garden maintenance for all sectors. Whether it’s your home garden or a garden in your commercial property, we ensure it thrives to its full potential. From small gardens to sprawling landscapes, we take pride in every step of our process so that you can enjoy its beauty without any of the hassle.

Regular Garden Maintenance

If you require regular garden services, we’re the ideal team to support you. No matter the size or features of your outdoor space, our professional gardeners can deliver high-quality services.

One-Time Service

We support real estate agents and other clients who need to perform a garden clean-up before an event such as a property sale.

For All Your Gardening Needs.


High-Pressure Washing

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Maintenance

Hedge Trimming

Garden Pruning and Weeding

Paver Sealing

Gutter Cleaning

Other Gardening Services

Your Garden Maintenance Questions Answered.

What specific tasks can you perform as part of garden maintenance?

We offer a wide service consisting of tasks including cleaning up before putting your property on the market or before an event, mulching, high-pressure washing, mowing lawns, pruning and weeding, gutter cleaning, paver sealing and more. 

How often can you work on my garden?

As we tailor our services to you, this is dependent on your needs. If you would like regular maintenance to your garden, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

Do you work with residential and commercial clients?

Yes. While our main focus is on landscape design, construction and maintenance for homes, we also support clients in the civil, community, and commercial sectors.

Learn More About Our Gardening Service.

We believe that there’s nobody better to maintain your garden than those who built it. Whether that’s a small residential garden or a large garden in the local community, we ensure it looks and functions as beautifully as the day it was planted. With extensive experience working on gardens of all shapes and sizes, our team at Mars Landscapes is as dedicated to your garden goals as you are.